Intelligent Sensing Group

The Working Group for ''Intelligent Sensing in Computer Graphics'' (Priv.-Doz. Dr. Frank Weichert) at the Chair of Computer Graphics (Computer Science VII) performs innovative applied research in processing, analysis and visualization of 2D and 3D sensor data.  Focussing on sensor technologies and data, the group tackles applications in the fields of computer vision, pattern matching, scientific visualization, simulation, optimization and human-machine interaction. On an abstract level, the topics often converge in the area of interactions between sensors, actuators and humans in cooperative environments.



Geometrische Repräsentation eines menschlichen Kopfes mit Machine-Learning-Informationen

Areas of Research

Research and development of innovative concepts, methods and solutions for sensor data processing and analysis.

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Research Projects

Basic scientific and applied R&D projects, funded by state or industry.

Nahaufnahme des Titelblatts einer Master-Arbeit


Final thesis projects (Bachelor's, Master's, or student study) on theoretical or applied research topics.

Fields of activities

Ein Beutel mit Schrauben und überlagerten Bildverarbeitungsinformationen

Visual Computing

GPU accelerated methods for analysis, manipulation and generation of images, videos and 3D models.

Detailaufnahme eines Prototyps des Pamono-Sensors

Intelligent Sensing

Development of smart, resource efficient optical (bio)sensors for real-time data processing and analysis.

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Human-Machine Interaction

Ent­wick­lung and Analyse interaktiver Systeme als auch intelligenter teilweise immersiver virtueller Umgebungen.

Geometrische Repräsentation eines menschlichen Kopfes mit Machine-Learning-Informationen

(Deep) Learning

Research in spatiotemporal convolutional neural networks, geometric deep learning and representation learning.

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Cyber-Physical Systems

Research in collaborative networks of distributed sensors, actuators and embedded systems.

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3D Data Processing, Simulation and Visualization

Sensor-driven processing, analysis, simulation and visualization of large data sets under resource constraints.