Areas of Research and Application

The Intelligent Sensing in Computer Graphics Group applies concepts from mathematical modeling, optimization and algorithm design in the fields of intelligent sensing and 2D/3D signal processing. Highly relevant methods include those from deep learning, 3D data processing, visualization, modelling and simulation. A special interest lies in real-time, resource-efficient concepts, which utilize massively parallel systems on GPUs and distributed embedded systems.

Research domains

Digital Image and Signal Processing

Machine Learning

Geometric Deep Learning

Human-Machine Interaction

Intelligent Sensors

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Sensor-Actuator Networks

Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping

Modelling and Simulations

3D Data Processing

Localization and Motion

Visual Analytics / Scientific Visualization

Application and thematic areas




Material Sciences

Energy Sciences

Rehabilitation / Psychology

Ancient Studies

Traffic and Transportation

Spatial Planning

Civil Engineering